How to Fly With a Chicken in Fortnite


There are a couple of crazy, yet interesting missions or quests that you can complete in Fortnite and in this guide we’ll be showing you how to fly with a chicken in Fortnite.

There’s the Daily, Season, Shanta, Winterfest and Milestones quests available and the Winterfest is where you’ll be tasked with flying with a chicken.


So in this brief, but detailed guide, we’ll show you how and where to find a chicken in Fortnite. Sow without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

Where to Find a Chicken


Chickens are spawned in pretty much every location on the Fortnite map but there are some places where you don’t really need to look too deep to sight a chicken.

So one of the main areas we recommend checking for chickens on the map is Rocky Reels. Specifically the southwest of Rocky Reels. You’ll find a gas station, butter barn and some kind of ranch area.


Once you’re in Rocky Reels, head to the Butter Barn as pinpointed on the image of the map above and you’ll definitely find a chicken around that vicinity.

Flying with a Chicken


Finding the chicken is the first step towards completing the Winterfest quest. After you’ve spotted a chicken, it might be hard to grab em. So you should head to the barn and find some corn in the food baskets.

Once you have your corn, throw it at the chicken and try to lure it to the corn. They’ll go for it everytime which makes it very easy for you to just walk up to the chicken and grab it.

Once you’ve grabbed your chicken, all you have to do is jump around and the chicken will flap its wings which will make it seem like its the one helping you fly, but really it’s not.


So there you have it on how to fly with a chicken in Fortnite. It’s really easy and you’ll complete your Winterfest quest in no time. We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Happy gaming!

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How to Fly With a Chicken in Fortnite


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