How to Fix “There Was an Error Starting Your Game” Message in Hearthstone

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While Hearthstone may be a wonderful and complex game, there are a few things that do not bring joy to a player. One of those are the bugs and error players receive while playing Hearthstone.

A very common one is the ‘There Was an Error Starting Your Game’ error message. In this guide, we will be looking at how to rectify just that.

How to Fix “There Was an Error Starting Your Game” Message in Hearthstone

There are two very common ways in which players receive this error, which are:

Standard Mode and Duels

You can receive this error when you are queuing up for a game while using an invalid deck. You can easily rectify this issue by simply deleting the deck and then recreating it manually. Now try queuing up once more to make sure the error does not appear again.

Additionally, make sure to check your deck list in case there may be banned cards in there, for the format that you are playing in. If that is the case, replace the banned card immediately and try to queue up once more, after which the error should not pop up if everything was done correctly.

Fireside Gathering

You can also receive this error message if you have joined an upcoming Fireside Gathering event that is meant to take place in the future. In order to rectify this issue, simply leave the Fireside Gathering.

To do this, open the Social menu, select the Fireside Gathering event, and then select the Leave option from the dropdown menu. Now, you should be able to play normally. Don’t worry, you can still join the upcoming Fireside Gathering when the event is meant to take place.

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How to Fix “There Was an Error Starting Your Game” Message in Hearthstone


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