How to Fix the Motorcycle in Soul Knight

How to Fix the Motorcycle in Soul Knight

Inspired by the game Enter The Gungeon, Soul Knight is all about exploring the dungeon, collecting weapons, and fighting off aliens. As you explore the dungeon, you will come across different types of mounts in the game. Mounts are rideable mech suits and monsters that help boost the player when used during a run. The Motorcycle is one of the Mounts that can be found in Soul Knight. In this guide, we will explain how to fix the Motorcycle in Soul Knight.

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How to Fix the Motorcycle in Soul Knight

You will need to use the Engineer to fix the Wrecked Motorcycle in the Cellar, and fixing the Motorcycle will require certain materials. Players will need to have 15 Ironstone, 15 Parts, and 10 Organic Matter to fix the Motorcycle in Soul Knight. You can even use the free trial voucher if the Engineer is not unlocked in the game. The Free Trial Voucher is a rare item and lets you use a locked character or a skill once without purchasing them.

In order to use the Motorcycle in Soul Knight, simply press the fire button when near the Motorcycle and activate skill to unequip. The Motorcycle will aid you in covering the distances in the Cellar faster and has a 400% speed boost, the highest in the game. However, under normal circumstances, it cannot be brought out of the Cellar and despite the speed boost, it has the lowest health.

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How to Fix the Motorcycle in Soul Knight


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