How to Fix the Inappropriate Activity Detected in Elden Ring – 100% Method Solution

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“Inappropriate Activity Detected” message appears when launching Elden Ring when connecting to FromSoftware game servers. After the appearance of the message, absolutely all the network features of the game are blocked.

As a rule, such a message should appear before the ones who decided to let cheat software enter, however, complaints often come from just the same players who are simply trying to enjoy the new game.

What to Do About “Inappropriate Activity Detected” in Elden Ring

Okay, let’s assume you’re not a cheater – why did you see this message in front of you? The answer is the incorrect operation of the EasyAntiCheat. This software is supposed to protect players from cheaters, hackers and other bad guys, however, if something goes wrong, innocent users fall can also get hurt.

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You can do the following in such a case:

  • Restart Elden Ring;
  • Restart a computer;
  • Start the game a little later;
  • Reinstall Elden Ring (EasyAntiCheat will also be reinstalled along with it);
  • Activate Unicode Beta (UTF-8) in Regional Settings.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Press WIN + S to call the system search engine;
  2. Type in the query “Control Panel” and select the result found;
  3. Select large/small icons in the view mode and open the “Regional standards” section;
  4. Go to the “Advanced” tab and click on the “Change system language …” button;
  5. Check the box next to “Beta: Use Unicode (UTF-8) for worldwide language support”;
  6. save changes in settings and restart your computer.

If you’re lucky, the “Inappropriate Activity Detected” message will disappear and you’ll continue to enjoy Elden Ring.

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How to Fix the Inappropriate Activity Detected in Elden Ring – 100% Method Solution


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