How to Fix the Dock in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is an exciting classic strategy game that will take you to a tropical island. The player needs to manage the village, give villagers professions, explore and solve puzzles. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Fix the Dock in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2.

How to Fix the Dock

Solving Puzzles on the island, you open up new possibilities, so after Fixing the Dock you will unlock a Trading Boat. It will allow you to trade with other islands.

So, to solve this puzzle, you must have at least 3 adult villagers. Solving the puzzle is also one of the simplest in the game. There are three pieces of wood in different places throughout the island, and you need to find them. And then deliver to the pier which is located at the bottom of the map.

Two pieces look like planks and the third one looks like a small log. Next to the flowers, you can pick up the first board. The second lies next to the Artisan Hut. And you will find a small log above the farm. You can collect them by dragging three adult villagers to each piece of wood and they will carry them to the Dock.

It is not necessary that these villagers are able to build well. The Trading Boat will sail as soon as the Dock is repaired. You can now trade by tapping on the boat. And don’t forget to get three lava stones as a solution reward from in the Puzzles menu.

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How to Fix the Dock in Virtual Villagers: Origins 2


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