How To Fix Roblox Error While Updating Worn Items


Unfortunately, some Roblox glitches and bugs can not be fixed even for a few years. One of the most widespread bugs is an error with worn items. Read this guide, and you will find out how to fix Roblox errors while updating worn items.

Why Is There an Error Updating Worn Items on Roblox?

Even though a mistake while updating worn items has been in Roblox for a few years, there still is no particular reason for this issue. One of the most likely reasons is a server error that appears once you want to change the outfit. Therefore, in most cases, the best solution for updating the worn item issue is to wait until it gets fixed. But if you are not eager to wait, continue reading the guide. You will find out the best way to fix the error.

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Fixing Roblox Error While Updating Worn Items

First and foremost, you should open the web version of Roblox and head to the avatar’s page. After that, you should head to the top menu bar and feel free to select the category of clothing in which you got an error. By doing it, all the actual owned clothes will be shown on your screen.

However, you should open the item’s page showing Updating Worn Items Error. Once the page is opened, you should click on the 3 dots icon in the right corner of the screen and press the button ‘Add to Profile.’ Doing it will fix Updating Worn Items Error, and you will be able to change your outfit again.

That’s it with fixing the updating worn items error in Roblox. As you can see, the issue can be easily fixed in a few minutes. You only need to open the web version of Roblox and manually add the item to your Avatar menu. And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of top 5 Roblox tycoon games to play right now.

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How To Fix Roblox Error While Updating Worn Items


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