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How to Fix Lag and Increase FPS in Brawlhalla

How to Fix Lag and Increase FPS in Brawlhalla

To enjoy the Brawlhalla you need to have a stable FPS and a powerful network. The internet connection is not dependent on you. At the same time, you can increase your FPS from 20 to 60 simply by setting up your PC correctly. How to do it? Read the guide, and you will find it out.

How to Increase Fps in Brawlhalla

Generally, Brawlhalla is not a picky game. You can play it even from the old PC. The minimal required memory is only 2 GB Ram and 800 MB available space on the hard drive. For the game in 2022, requirements are really low.

However, if you want to enjoy Brawlhalla at maximal graphic settings you might face with visible FPS decrease. So, how to fix it?

Unlock FPS in Brawlhalla

To do it, launch Steam and find the Brawlhalla. After that, navigate to Properties – Set Launch Options. Then you need to type -unlockfps. It will allow you to see the game more smoothly so that you will be able to react faster.

Switch your PC or Mobile Phone to Performance Mode 

It is the best advice just because it works for any game on any PC and mobile phone. To do it, you need to change your Video card settings. In performance mode, your device will work on full power. So, use it if you feel a lack of FPS.

However, there is another problem that might appear even if you have a strong device. The problem is lags and freezes. So, how to fix this?

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How to Fix Lags in Brawlhalla

Mostly lags in the game appear due to a lack of memory on your device. Even if you have over 100 FPS, sharp FPS decreases might appear as well. So, you need to regularly clear up the hard drive, and all will be ok. 

However, if you have enough memory but FPS decreases still interrupting you, reinstall the game, and all will be better. That is all. Hope you find this guide helpful!

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How to Fix Lag and Increase FPS in Brawlhalla


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