We’ve just published some hopefully useful Dungeons & Evil tips and tricks and one statement that I made in my intro of the previous article was that although an amazing game, Dungeons & Evil is also one riddled with bugs that manage to discourage you from playing and make the title seem actually unplayable. We’re here to try and solve the Dungeons & Evil bad network error and those strange occasions when you simply can’t log in to play the game (can’t get past the first screen).

Here’s how it happens in my case, and probably in yours too: I play Dungeons & Evil for a long time and then, all of a sudden, I get the following message when I try to do something in the game: “Bad Network“. Restarting the App doesn’t seem to fix the problem, even though at times it does so it’s the first thing you should try. Here is what else to do:

– Force close the app. Tap the button to exit the app, then double tap it when looking at the desktop to remove the app from the cache (swipe up or down). Restart the app
– Delete and reinstall the app. Make sure that you have signed in to Game Center and also that you know your log in (username and password). Once you do, simply delete the app from your device, go to the App Store and install it again. You should now log in to the same server and using your username and password. Progress will be returned to you and you can play again.
– Wait it out. Probably the errors are actually caused by the game’s servers, so you might as well wait it out. After trying all the methods above, I simply had nothing to do but put the iPad to sleep and try again after 30 minutes. Everything worked out fine!

These fixes above also work for the other types of errors and problems in the game: I encountered a problem when after logging in, I couldn’t select the server and hitting the “Enter” button didn’t help at all. Other times, the app just kept refreshing and didn’t allow me to get into the game. All these seem to be server issues of Dungeons & Evil, and they will not completely destroy your game.

Did you have any problems logging into the game? Did our tips help you out?


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