Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s next-generation launch is plagued with myriad issues that make the game unplayable on consoles. After the infuriating PS5 and Xbox upgrade not working, players are having problems loading save data. Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide talking about the issue in detail while sharing how you can fix Dragon Ball Z Kakarot failed to load save data. 

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How to Fix: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Failed to Load Save Data

When writing this article, there are too many uncertainties related to the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s failed to load save data issue. 

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According to Bandai Namco, the Xbox Series X | S versions are facing issues, and they recommend not playing the game until it gets fixed. 

On the other hand, PlayStation players are reporting that they are losing their save progress. As per Reddit user Land_on_scotty and many others, the save data issue has something to do with Trunks DLC. 

Whenever players try to close the game right before or in the middle of the Trunks saga, the game autosaves and corrupts the existing save files. 

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The only possible workaround as of now is completing the entire Trunks saga in one go. By doing that, you can avoid your save file getting corrupted and progress the game further without any issues. 

And in case your save files have already been corrupted, there are only two things you can do, download a backed-up save file for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Or, start a new game. 

For now, there is no official fix to the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot failed to load save data issue. And no basic troubleshooting steps show any positive results. 

We will update the article if Bandai Namco comes up with any fixes. 

That concludes our guide on how to fix Dragon Ball Z Kakarot failed to load save data.

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How to Fix: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Failed to Load Save Data


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