Psyonix’s Rocket League Sideswipe, a mobile version of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful title Rocket League, is finally available on Android and iOS platforms. 

After the long wait, Rocket League enthusiasts finally had their chance to try out this new title. However, many of them were hit with the “Device isn’t Compatible” error, and because of that, they weren’t able to download and play the game. 

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In this Rocket League Sideswipe guide, we will share the necessary fixes with which players can use to get past the “Device isn’t Compatible” error.

How to Fix “Device isn’t Compatible” Error for Rocket League Sideswipe 

The “device isn’t compatible” error usually arises while downloading video games or any other kind of application due to incompatibility with the device hardware or software. 

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Rocket League Sideswipe also throws the same error whenever players with low-end smartphones try to download the game. To avoid such issues, first, make sure you meet the device requirements. 

Rocket League Sideswipe Android Requirements

To run Rocket League Sideswipe on the Android device, your device operating system must be Android 7 or above and it must have a 64-bit processor. 

If you meet the requirements but are still unable to run the game because of compatibility issues, then there is a high chance that your device is not present in the compatible devices list for Rocket League Sideswipe.

How to Fix “Device isn’t Compatible” Error for Rocket League Sideswipe Running Via BlueStacks

We have seen emulator players are also facing the Rocket League Sideswipe “device isn’t compatible” issue. 

To fix it, players can create an “N64 instance using the Multi-Instance Manager and install the app from the Play Store post logging into your account.” [Source: BlueStacks Support]

Rocket League Sideswipe iOS Requirements

To run Rocket League Sideswipe on an iOS device, you must have iOS 11.0 or later.

Rocket League Sideswipe is a Vehicular Soccer game currently available on Android and iOS platforms in select regions.

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How to Fix “Device isn’t Compatible” Error for Rocket League Sideswipe


  1. I have a moto e6 running android 9, I can play car x drift racing on this thing and you tell me that my phone is to week to play a 3d game with 2d controls. HOW?!

    • Qualcomm SDM450 [Snapdragon 450] that is present in Samsung’s A02s is a 64-bit processor. It should be able to at least open the game. Though maybe because it’s a very low-end processor, it’s not supporting the game.

      Can you please tell us the exact error that you are getting? So that we can try to help you.


  2. My phone is a Samsung A11 and I found out I has a 32 bit-processor so I’m not able to play the game, incase anyone else has the same phone as me now you now why you can’t play rocket league sideswipe. It realy sucks cause I really wanted to play the game


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