How to Fix COD: Mobile Not Opening and Crashing

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Is your COD: Mobile being uncooperative and crashing all the time, or maybe it just refuses to open? Well, we’ve all been there, and we hated it just as much as you.

Which is why in this article, we will list out a couple of nifty methods for iOS and Android both, that you can employ to get your COD: Mobile to start running the way it was intended to.

How to Fix COD: Mobile Not Opening and Crashing


Check for App Updates

It is a common occurrence for iOS devices to have their COD: Mobile application crash when trying to run it while the latest updates haven’t been installed yet. Go to the Apple Store and visit the COD: Mobile page to make sure that you have updated your game to its latest version, and then try opening the game once more.

Reboot your iOS device

Most gamers rarely turn off their devices. If there is a simple software error preventing you from entering the game, restarting your device will help you get back into the game. While this might not make much of a difference, you’ll want to give your iOS device a rest from time to time, especially after installing updates.

Uninstall and Reinstall COD: Mobile

The best way to reset the game cache on iOS is to reinstall the game. Tap and hold the COD: Mobile icon to uninstall it, and then reinstall it through the Apple Store.


Look Out for New COD: Mobile Updates

You will usually receive notifications from the Play Store if there is an update that you need to finish updating before starting your game. If the update has very recently come out, however, you may not get a notification, and would have to check the Play Store manually.

Check for Updates for the Android System and Manufacturer

Android phones also receive quite a few updates from the manufacturer with Android system patches. These manufacturer updates may also include crucial bug fixes, which may prevent your game from crashing or not being able to run.

Clear COD: Mobile Cache

Open the Settings app and select “Applications” Select COD: Mobile and click “clear cache”. Try and run COD: Mobile once again.

Reboot your Android Device

If the above solutions fail, simply restart your Android device. This should be your final resort, and sometimes it can be the solution that was needed all along!

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How to Fix COD: Mobile Not Opening and Crashing


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