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How to Fix Can’t Summon Here Error in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Fix Can’t Summon Here Error in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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Once you have fully investigated one of the regional mysteries in Tears of the Kingdom, Link gains a powerful ability that can call upon allies no matter where they are. This ability, however, has some nuances to it that are not fully explained at first. Here is how to fix the “can’t summon here” error in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Fixing the “Can’t summon here” error in Tears of the Kingdom

Please note that this guide details the ability you gain after completing one of the four main regions, as part of the “Regional Phenomena” main quest line. As such, there are main story spoilers ahead.

After completing any of the main temples, like the Wind Temple or Water Temple, Link’s ally realizes that they are the descendant of one of the six Sages, the group that saved Hyrule in the past. Link receives that ally’s Vow, which allows him to summon their spiritual avatars.

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Link can then call upon the ally in question and utilize their ability, even if they are not actively with him. For example, Tulin’s gust ability from the Wind Temple can be used anywhere in the world now.

Clearing any of the temples puts you back in the respective village, though you cannot summon the sages while you are in a village. Trying to use the Vow inside a village results in an error that says, “You can’t summon here”.

Of course, the first thing most players are going to do after clearing a temple is to use their new summoning ability, but then this error rears its ugly head. Never fear, as you simply have to head out into an open area, and the sage avatar should automatically appear.

If this is your first cleared temple, leaving the village should automatically trigger a very brief cutscene that tells you that you can now summon your sage friend.

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If you are still getting the “can’t summon here” error, try fast traveling to any shrine away from a village. This might trigger the game to detect that you are not in a village, and your summons should work normally.

Some players are reporting a potential bug that causes the summons to never work, even after fast traveling. If you have this issue, try reloading your game entirely. Save your game, return to the title screen, and reload your save. If you want to be extra safe, close out of Tears of the Kingdom completely by returning to the Switch main menu, then relaunch the game. This should do the trick.

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How to Fix Can’t Summon Here Error in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom