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How to Find Wall Code in Royale High Campus 3

How to Find Wall Code in Royale High Campus 3
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Royale High Campus 3 invites players to start their magical high school journey at Royale High. Explore the campus and attend classes while improving your elemental affinity, and you might just stumble upon one of the castle’s oldest secrets. The mysterious “code wall” is one such secret, but fear not: we can show you how to find the wall code in Royale High Campus 3.

Where to find the code wall in Royale High Campus 3

As you approach the main entrance of Royale High, go inside and head towards the Front Office door, but don’t actually go in. Instead, turn towards your right, and go past the staircase to find the entrance portal to the Throne Tower.

To the right of the Throne Tower’s entrance portal is a small brick wall. The bricks are laid out in a 3×3 manner, for a total of nine bricks. If you click or tap on any of them, you will notice that the brick depresses into the wall. You can push in four bricks.

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So, what the heck does this all mean? This brick wall is actually hiding a secret passage, and the only way to open it is to input the correct 4-digit code. Imagine that the bricks are like a reverse numpad: the top row is 1, 2, and 3, and so forth. Here’s a little illustration to help you see it:

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How to find the right code in Royale High Campus 3

Where does one find the right code combination to input into the code wall? There has to be some sort of hint nearby or something, right? Surely the developers wouldn’t expect players to just sit there and try all sorts of random combinations, right? Right?

Our worst fears came true when we realized that there are no hints to finding the correct code, or if there are any, they haven’t been discovered by the Royale High Campus community yet. The developers really do intend for you to just brute force the correct code. They even went as far as to patch out a glitch that lets you clip through the wall into the secret chamber.

After digging around the Royale High Campus community, we learned a couple of things that might help you out:

  1. The code changes if you switch servers;
  2. 1238 is a combination that seems to work sometimes.

Other than that, you pretty much just have to try every combination possible until you happen upon the right one. Start with 1234, then 1235, 1236, and so forth. There are no repeating numbers, so that at least cuts down on the amount of combinations.

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How to Find Wall Code in Royale High Campus 3