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Royale High Summer Halo 2023 Answers

Royale High Summer Halo 2023 Answers
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When you find a magical fountain, what will you wish for? We’re definitely wishing for the stunning new Summer Halo accessory in Roblox Royale High, that’s for sure! The only way to get your hands on this sizzling new accessory is to choose certain options in the new fountain stories. Here are all the Royale High Summer Halo 2023 answers to help you out.

Roblox Royale High Fountain of Dreams Summer Halo answers

Another season is here in Royale High, and that means a brand-spanking-new Halo for players to chase after. As always, these Halos are obtained as random rewards from the Fountain of Dreams’ random stories.

To get started, head to the Fountain of Dreams, nestled within the magical Divina Park. Click or tap on the fountain to whisper a wish. You can only make a wish every two hours.

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When you make a wish, you are presented with a random dream story, written by Royale High players. These stories usually drop you into some sort of sticky situation, and you have four different choices for dealing with the problem.

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Each option has a random assortment of outcomes, potentially leading to positive things like you gaining experience and diamonds, or negative things, like losing diamonds. Nothing happening is also a possibility. You can also get the Summer Halo, but the odds are extremely thin.

Certain options have slightly higher drop rates for the Summer Halo. Since practically all the choices can result in gaining/losing diamonds and earning experience, we are going to just list the options that have the highest chance of dropping the Halo for better readability. It’s important to keep in mind that choosing the right option does not guarantee the Halo—it only increases your odds.

Story authorOption with the highest chance of Halo
BuyROOKIEOnItunesOption A
blurry_Bunny/sserot0ninOption C
E_melxaOption A
zelina_odisonOption A
Sir_VampzOption C
Valaeria/tmzserenaOption A
0bvlouslyanaOption A or B
stellarlucas/ClxwnMiaaxOption A or D
iiInspxreiiOption A or D
iostgirlz/yurisfileOption A
avocadoeliseOption A
Hotdog_Chowder/Sunny_Expl0si0nOption A
exvelynOption A or C
LittleWolfGXOption C
KhaoticosOption A

If you managed to get a Halo from an option not listed on this table, please let us know in the comments below—the Royale High community would appreciate your help. With that said good luck on your quest for the Summer 2023 Halo!

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Royale High Summer Halo 2023 Answers