How to Find the Teleport Spell in Infernax

How to Find the Teleport Spell in Infernax

Infernax is a recently released retro RPG. As in other games of this genre, players need to explore different locations, fight hordes of different mobs and, of course, upgrade their character. One of the hero’s weapons will be different Spells, and in this guide, we will tell you how to get a Teleport Spell.

How to Find the Teleport Spell

Teleport Spell is an extremely useful Spell that allows you to teleport directly to the shrine. Moreover, this Spell is necessary if you decide to play the game as a villain. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to run after this Spell right away, as several conditions must be met. First, you must have 200 gold since the Spell is bought from an NPC. Next, you need to know a few useful skills, namely the Skycall Skill and Precision Strike.

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If you have all this, feel free to go to Arcos. Then head west until you see a cracked wall. This is where Precision Strike comes into play. Going a little further you will see that the house is at a sufficient height. To get up there you need to use the Skycall skill while jumping.

Entering the house you will see Horace. He is the Apothecary of Arkos Underpass. All you have left is to buy a Teleport Spell from him for 200 coins. If you followed the path of the villain, then you should have the completed quest marked as soon as you get the Teleport Spell. And your next step will be the betrayal of Jarvis.

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How to Find the Teleport Spell in Infernax


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