How to Find the Secret Thunder Hammer in Death’s Door

How to Find the Secret Thunder Hammer in Death’s Door

You started playing Death’s Door with a regular sword, but the game creators have prepared four other types of weapons that you can obtain. One of them is the Secret Thunder Hammer in the Frog King’s Domain. It is considered to be a relatively slow, yet strong weapon. Do you want to strike the rivals near you without even connecting with them? Then we highly recommend reading our guide and getting the Secret Hammer. Good luck!

How To Get the Secret Thunder Hammer in Death’s Door

To get the Thunder Hammer, you will need to reach the room with multiple small bud-like rivals. It is located on top of a ledge. It would be best to head around and out of the Mushroom Dungeon to find this spot. There will be a room with the Hall of Doors door in the Mushroom Dungeon. Head west; the path will lead you to the big room. We recommend that you do not go through the stone entryway, but instead head northwest.

Once you face a high ladder near the wall, climb it. Get out of the storage room and go to the Overgrown Ruins, climbing up the ladder. Once the path finishes, there will be one more entrance to the Mushroom Dungeon. Enter it, and after that, drop in the hole to state that the Thunder Hammer is now yours. The found weapon will swing slowly, firing off a chain of electricity at the rivals you face.

Follow our guide to get the secret weapon with no issues and enjoy using it! Have fun!

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How to Find the Secret Thunder Hammer in Death’s Door


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