How to Find the Ice Griffin in Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 is a beautiful fantasy RPG. Players will find themselves in the wonderful city of Rigbarth, where monsters disturb the inhabitants. Players will be able to fight these monsters, catch them, and help the inhabitants in various matters. The game offers many daily activities such as fishing, farming, etc. And in this guide, we will tell you where to find Ice Griffin.

How to Find the Ice Griffin

There are many different quests in Rune Factory 5, and some of them require you to catch certain monsters. The player can catch monsters using the Seal spell after the monster’s health is reduced. However, quest monsters have a high level, and therefore it is quite difficult to catch them. But there is an easy trick that will help you easily catch monsters of any level.

With the Cooking Table, you can cook food from random ingredients and get Failed Dishes. These will help you catch the monster. You just need to throw these Dishes at the monster until its health drops to a level where it can be caught. This trick will come in handy for catching Ice Griffin.

Eventually, you will receive a quest called Capture the Ice Griffin. To complete it, you need to find and catch a level 5 Ice Griffin. Unfortunately, this monster does not have a specific habitat. Therefore, you need to explore different areas to find Ice Griffin. As a reward for capturing him, you will receive a Rigid Horn. That’s all you need to know about Ice Griffin.

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How to Find the Ice Griffin in Rune Factory 5


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