How to Find the Hat: Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo


Halloween has arrived in Cookie Run Kingdom! There is a new bingo game to play, just like with the Springtime Bingo we all played back in March. Players must find each shape within the 5×5 block of squares, and place the stamp in the correct space. There are a few different challenges, one of which is to find a Hat shape using the Halloween stamp. Find out below how to find the Hat in Cookie Run Kingdom: Halloween Bingo.

Find the Hat in Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo

Each Daily Bingo Card offers a new challenge for players and some are more difficult than others. To start there are just rows to find, and then more specific shapes need to be discovered.

plain bingo card halloween cookie run kingdom
A blank Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo Card (via Devsisters)

Each time a bingo card challenge is available, players must think about ways to place the stamps without using too many. Each time you place a stamp or move a stamp, you spend tokens:

  • Place Stamp: Every time a stamp is placed is costs 10 Tokens
  • Move Stamp: Every time a stamp is moved it costs 5 Tokens

This means players will have to think about where each line is placed very carefully, using as few stamps as possible. Multiple lines, for instance, can be done by placing stamps where the lines meet like this:

Two Lines in Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo (via Devsisters)

When the simple lines are complete, more complex shapes need to be done, or shapes to be found. One of these shapes is the Hat. This is a shape made of 11 Stamps placed like this:

The Hat shape Bingo Card in Cookie Run Kingdom (via Devsisters)

Once those stamps are placed in the right spaces, you can complete the card and claim your reward! Keep checking back every day for a new daily Bingo Card during this spooky season.

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That is all we have for you on this particular Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo Card! Next up, why not check out the answers to the BTS riddles in Cookie Run Kingdom? Good luck!

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How to Find the Hat: Cookie Run Kingdom Halloween Bingo


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