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How to Find the Hidden Clover in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Find the Hidden Clover in Cookie Run Kingdom

Spring has arrived in Cookie Run: Kingdom and players have a whole host of extra quests, missions, and fun things to do. Players who are part of a Guild get to complete some spring-themed quests in the latest Guild Quest Event, sending materials and winning battles to win resources. There are also Springtime Missions to complete and earn Blossom Stamps, which can be used in a game of Springtime Bingo.

Players must place stamps to complete each mission card and receive the rewards. There is a final reward for players who complete every mission card. There are 3 types of missions cards: Line, Shape, and Hidden Shape. Players must place the Blossom Stamps in the right place to complete the card, either in a line or a shape. The Clover Cookie mission card wants players to find the hidden clover shape within the bingo card, but how does this work? Find out more below!

Finding the Clover in Springtime Bingo in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The shape mission cards show players the shape to complete the card, while hidden shape cards, like the Clover card, do not show the exact shape to make. All players have to do is place the Blossom Stamps in the right places to complete the card and gain the reward. The Springtime Bingo Cards all start out like this:

springtime bingo cookie run kingdom
Springtime Bingo Card in Cookie Run Kingdom

Clover Cookie’s bingo card is unlocked by completing and claiming previous cards first. Players must then place the Blossom Stamps in a specific shape: the Clover. Check out the image below:

clover bingo card cookie run kingdom
The Clover shape bingo card in Cookie Run Kingdom

Place your Blossom Stamps in the clover shape shown above to complete the card and earn the rewards of 200 Light of Resolution, 3 Aurora Brick, and 20 Exp. Star Jelly Level 4 (granting 400 XP).

Good luck!

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How to Find the Hidden Clover in Cookie Run Kingdom


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