How to Find the Foliage Marker in Roblox Find the Markers


Roblox Find the Markers is one of the most entertaining Roblox games. Players explore different worlds in search of different Markers. There are a lot of these Markers in the game, and with each update, there are more of them. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get the Foliage Marker.

How to Find the Foliage Marker

The Foliage Marker was recently added to the game and many players are looking for it. First, you need to come to the Old Shop and talk to the Yellow Marker. You have to tell it that you met its ancestor Primrose Marker. Then, you will teleport to the basement, where you can see on the wall the location of the Orbs.

Now you need to go to the Washable Kingdom to activate all these Orbs. Here is their location:

  • The first Orange Orb is to the right of the spawn under one of the ponds.
  • The second Purple Orb is behind the spawn.
  • The third Yellow Orb is in the corner in the shop area.
  • The fourth Blue Orb is to the left of the castle on the edge of the map.
  • The fifth White Orb is located on top of one of the towers of the castle.
  • The sixth Red Orb is located near the stone tower to the left of the castle.
  • The seventh Dark Blue Orb is inside the same tower.

After you activate the last one, go through the green arch next to the last Orb. You will reach the base of the tower where you will need to plant a seed in the center. And then, you will have to go through three paths in a limited time to bring water to the planted seed.

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The first path is a corridor with water and lily pads. You need to jump on these lily pads and not fall into the water. Then pick up water, return to the seed, and water it.

The second path is a room with an obstacle in the form of long beams. You need to either pass under them or jump over them. Take water and water the seed again.

The last one is the simplest. You need to click on the blue mushrooms so that platforms appear on which you can go to the water. When you water the seed a third time, it will grow to the top of the tower. Press the action button to go up to the top, where you can find a Foliage Marker.

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How to Find the Foliage Marker in Roblox Find the Markers


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