How to Find Rare Candies in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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Rare Candies, introduced since Generation I, are very useful items that let your Pokemon gain a level every time you feed them one! As simple as that! Rare Candies are especially useful when your Pokemon are very high-leveled and gaining experience is not as easy as it was before.

Ideally, you would want to feed your Pokemon the Rare Candy when its Exp Bar is at its lowest for the next level, to get the maximum value from the Rare Candy.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there are tons of Rare Candies you can find. They are quite rare, however, and finding them takes dedication and a keen eye.

Lucky for you, we have a guide on how to find rare candies in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl right here! Read on below to learn where to get every rare candy in the Generation IV remakes!

All Rare Candy Locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The locations for these Rare Candies will be split into two categories. The first category will talk about the non-hidden Rare Candies that are visible or openly available, found in PokeBalls in the overworld or given to you by a certain NPC.

The second category pertains to hidden Rare Candies, which aren’t as easy to find. These Rare Candies are invisible and are collected by interacting with a seemingly empty space.

You can make your time finding these Rare Candies much easier by acquiring and using the Dowsing Machine. The Dowsing Machine is an app in the Poketch, which allows you to check for hidden items using a radar by tapping the screen of the Poketch.

When there is a hidden item nearby, the radar will beep with a tiny dot that shows you where the item can be found with regards to where the player is currently, easing your job of getting the hidden item. You can easily acquire the Dowsing Machine app for your Poketch from either Dawn or Lucas when the player encounters them after beating Eterna Gym, at the south of Mt. Coronet.

Non-Hidden Rare Candies

LocationHow to Get it
Route 214Surf across the pond, east of the route’s northern entrance.
Route 218North of the Route 218 entrance to Jubilife City, surf behind the trees to the small patch of grass.
Route 224Surf east of the maze of trees, north of the Route 224 entrance to find the Rare Candy beside the cliff next to the berry patch.
Route 225Get to the three trainers beyond the Route 225 entrance. Use cut on the two trees there to get to the Rare Candy.
Route 230Surf to the large island in the middle of the river and use rock smash on the rock towards the east, with the Rare Candy around the corner.
Eterna CitySpeak to Dawn’s father at the entrance of Route 206.
Solaceon RuinsTake the top-right stairs in the room by the entrance —> bottom-left stairs —> top-right stairs —> top-left stairs twice —> bottom-left stairs.
Wayward CaveHead to the northwestern corner of the cave past two kid trainers.
Mt. CoronetNorth of the Mt. Coronet entrance, push the boulder requiring Strength. Smash two ricks on the path to the left to find a Rare Candy.
Stark MountainPast the trainer’s rival, from the entrance of Stark Mountain, head down the small staircase where two Ace Trainers are standing around to find a Rare Candy at the end of the narrow path.
Victory RoadSurf on the water south of the Ace Trainer pair circling a cliff and head up the stairs to the west.
Grand UndergroundTwo Rare Candies can be found here. For the first one, head to the front of a boulder in the top-right corner of Spacious Cave.

The second is in Spacious Cave, north of the location where players drop in from Ramanas Park, behind another large boulder in the top-right corner.

Hidden Rare Candies

LocationHow to Get it
Route 207Head into the narrow path beside the hill with a hiker, where the Rare Candy is hidden in the space just west of him.
Route 212Near the treeline in the northwest corner of the swamp directly north of the Route 212 sign west of Pastoria City.
Route 225Under the house with a blue roof smack dab in the middle of Route 225, hidden right above the patch of grass.
Route 228Below the Route 228 sign.
Great MarshNorthwestern corner of Area 1.
Valor LakefrontSouth of the Seven Stars Restaurant, use Rock Climb on the top cliff to find a Rare Candy on the peak.
Galactic Veilstone BuildingGo up the stairs past the room with the beds, down the hall pas the double battle with the Grunts. Step on the middle warp pad here to be led to a room where the Rare Candy can be found in the bottom-left corner.
Mt. CoronetFrom the Celestic Town entrance, head down the staircase. Follow the path north and smash the rock ahead, where a Rare Candy rests between two small boulders.
Victory RoadTwo Rare Candies can be found here. The first is hidden under a boulder in the third and final Strength puzzle. Move the final boulder out of the way and interact with the empty space for a Rare Candy.

The second is found by heading into the final room and taking the staircase east of the Dragon Tamer. Head down the northern path and use Strength to navigate through boulders, reaching a small lake past two Veteran Trainers, surfing across them to reach four boulders towards the east side. You can find the Rare Candy hidden in the water in front of these boulders.

And those are all of the locations, hidden and non-hidden, of every Rare Candy available to you in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! How many Rare Candies have you found so far? Let us know in the comments down below!

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How to Find Rare Candies in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


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