Pokemon Nests are not a new feature in Pokemon Go. On the contrary – they’ve been here since the game has launched. But some people still don’t know about them or don’t care about them too much, so we’ve decided to come and tell you why this is wrong.

Touch Tap Play has a complete guide to Pokemon Go Nests to share with you, including more details on how to find them. If you want to catch ’em all, then Pokemon Nests are the best place to start.


First of all, for those who are not familiar with the term, what are Pokemon Go Nests?

These are special areas in the game that spawn a specific type of Pokemon. Although they might spawn different Pokemon, they usually focus on one type. Even better, they spawn them in higher numbers: it’s not uncommon to see up to four spawned in that place.

With these in mind, it’s pretty important why these Pokemon Go Nests matter: they can help you a lot when it comes to capturing specific Pokemon, but most importantly to collecting candy for upgrading a Pokemon you already have or even to complete the requirements for some medals. This is basically the game’s way to give you an easy shot at capturing a specific type of Pokemon.

How to find Pokemon Go Nests?

Now that you know how useful they are, you certainly wonder where these Nests are. Fortunately, the truth is that they’re everywhere!

Of course, it’s a bit difficult for a single person or even a group of friends to keep track of them all. And since there’s a nest for many different types of Pokemon, a bit of help from the community never hurts! And fortunately there are a few apps and websites that come to your aid when it comes to figuring out which are the closest Pokemon Go Nests near you.

Probably the best known website for finding these nests (most popular and updated constantly) is The Silphroad, although I am sure that other apps or websites might be just as useful. This one is easy to navigate through, though and has a lot of information, especially for the US players.

Because there is one trick regarding these nests: they change the Pokemon type they spawn every couple of weeks. This complicates things a bit and makes them more interesting – while also keeping high up there the need for such applications that help us find them.

At the moment, there is a limited number of Pokemon that you can find in the nests, but they’re not limited to the most common ones, even though ultra rare Pokemon nests have not been reported either. This is understandable since having a place that constantly spawns the rares ones would make them… well… more common.

Hopefully our guide to the Pokemon Go Nests will come in handy and it will help you upgrade your Pokemon faster or fill up your Pokedex in no time!



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