How to Find Paradise Planets in No Man’s Sky

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As you travel through the No Man’s Sky universe, you can find many ships, space stations, and various planets. Most planets you find will be terrible, with poor terrain, aggressive flora and fauna, and nasty weather conditions, but sometimes you can find something more. Paradise Planets are sometimes found in the vast expanses of space, and today we will tell you how to find them.

How to Find Paradise Planets in No Man’s Sky

Paradise planets – are planets that have lush flora, good weather without storms, and moderate temperatures.

To find a paradise planet, we need to understand what types of systems exist. There are four types of systems: red, blue, green, and yellow. In the red, blue, and green systems it is very difficult to find a paradise planet, since these are systems with extreme climates, and the chance of such a planet appearing is extremely small. But in the yellow system, finding a paradise planet is much easier, since the climate is milder and the chance of a planet appearing is much higher.

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Now that we have dealt with space systems, we can start looking for a paradise planet:

  • The first thing you need to do is scan the galaxy and find a suitable system.
  • You need to look in the description of the system and look for the letters G and f, which mean that this is a yellow system. Also, between these letters, there should be a number from 4 to 6, which indicates the optimum temperature. If there is a 0, it will be hot there, and if it is 10, the planets will be cold.
  • Next, you need to visit several of these systems and scan the planets. There are 11 names for paradise planets: rainy, verdant, tropical, viridescent, paradise, temperate, humid, overgrown, flourishing, grassy, and bountiful. If you find one of these names, visit the planet for a final check.
  • Visiting the planet, you may encounter several weather conditions: clear no storm, normal and extreme. To build a base on a paradise planet, you need to look for clear no storms.

If you follow our advice and visit 2-3 suitable systems, you will easily find the paradise planet.

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How to Find Paradise Planets in No Man’s Sky


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