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How to Find Midnight Pike Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Find Midnight Pike Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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One of the more elusive fish you can find is the Midnight Pike. This fish needs to be caught in a particular place at a very specific time. Find out below how to find this fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Since one of your goals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is to capture one of every creature for Keroppi’s critter sanctuary, this guide should come in handy. Some of these critters are quick and disappear fast if you don’t catch them in time. Others only come out at specific times so you should try to go bug hunting and fishing at all times of the day and night.

Where to Catch the Midnight Pike Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Before you can catch this fish you will need to make sure you have unlocked to Fishing Rod with Badtz-Maru. Once you have completed the quest to get the Fishing Rod crafting plans and created the rod at Chococat’s crafting table, you can start fishing!

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The Midnight Pike is one fish that can only be caught at Spooky Swamp, and only at night time. If it is daytime when you play and you want to change the time of day you will need to go to a Visitor Cabin. If it doesn’t already have a bed, place one inside and then sleep until nighttime.

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When it is night, fast travel to Spooky Swamp and fish in the swamp waters. If you fish in one spot and a different type of fish comes up, move to another area of the swamp. If you keep fishing in the same spot you will only get that type of fish. We found the Midnight Pike is usually in the swamp waters around the train tracks, but it can show up anywhere. As long as you keep moving around the swamp water spots you should find one.

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If you are only catching tiny Midnight Pikes, and you want to find a big one, try using food items as bait. You can add bait by to your hook by starting to fish, then tapping the hook icon and selecting whatever food you have. This will also help you successfully capture the fish!

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How to Find Midnight Pike Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure