How to Find Hidden Collectibles in The Baby in Yellow


The Baby in Yellow is a short but interesting horror game. Players must look after the child for several nights. However, each night will be more and more terrible and mysterious. The game has a constantly evolving lore, as well as collectible items. And in this guide, we will tell you how to find Collectibles.

Where to Find Hidden Collectibles

In The Baby in Yellow, players can find lost souls in the form of black cat figurines around the house. There are six of them in total, and collecting all of them will unlock two new game modes and access to the Toy Box. After opening the pause menu, in the upper left corner you will find a button with a cat icon. Clicking on it, you will be able to activate the following modes:

  • Big Head Mode – In this mode, the baby will have a huge head.
  • Ultra-Low Definition – In this mode, the graphics in the game will be in the style of old pixel games like Doom.

And finally, the most important award will be the Toy Box. From this Box, you can take out various toys, such as basketballs or toy plague doctors. Moreover, by choosing the option with three question marks, you can unlock the secret ending.

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We recommend collecting all the souls on the second night since one of the souls is in a secret room that only opens on the second night. And so here are all the places where the cat figurines are located:

  • In the parents’ room, to the left of the bed.
  • In the kitchen on the refrigerator.
  • In the living room on the TV.
  • In the bathroom, in the corner on the floor.
  • In a secret room on the table.
  • In the baby’s room between the closet and the cubes.

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How to Find Hidden Collectibles in The Baby in Yellow


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