How to Find Giant Mushroom in Core Keeper on Steam Deck


Core Keeper is a new pixel sandbox that is gaining popularity. The player must build their base and explore a huge randomly generated dungeon. The dungeon has several biomes, many different mobs, bosses, and also various items. So, in this guide, we will tell you about the Giant Mushroom and how to find it.

What is Giant Mushroom

In the dungeon, players can find a lot of different food. In addition to satisfying hunger, food can provide additional bonuses. Giant Mushroom a very rare item. In total, there can be from 1 to 3 such Mushrooms in the world. One Giant Mushroom increases permanent health by 25 and also +15 food. However, do not rush to immediately eat such a mushroom. You can cook it for better effects:

  • Increase health permanently by 25
  • + 31 food
  • Increase maximum health by 24 for 5 minutes

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Also, if you have the Master Chef perk, you have a 20% chance to get an additional dish after cooking. So, by preparing Giant Mushroom, you can get two Rare Giant Berry Puddings that give the effects described above.

How to Find Giant Mushroom

Giant Mushrooms can be found in the Dirt Biome. You should pay attention to special structures on the map. To find Mushrooms, we recommend you craft Grubzooka. This item is very effective for destroying walls in Dirt Biome. You will know that you have approached the Giant Mushroom when you see a small light falling on the mushrooms. If you will be lucky, you can find 3 Giant Mushrooms by fully exploring the Dirt Biome.

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How to Find Giant Mushroom in Core Keeper on Steam Deck


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