How to find Draff in Genshin Impact – Draff Location Guide


The various characters in Genshin Impact are not just inhabitants of the world and part of the picturesque scenery but also valuable campaign elements designed to help the gamer. This article will answer the question of how to find Draff in Genshin Impact, who is an interesting character for the newbies. If you do not know how to find Draff in Genshin Impact, this article will help you out!

How to Find Draff in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - Map

To begin with, this hero looks like a typical NPC. You can found Draff in Springvale. Allan hangs around her nearby, supporting Draff. There is a windmill near the Draff location, so focus on the map and move to the central part of the village. Focus on Springvale by searching through the central part of the town. 

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Sometimes Draff teleports to some different locations, but this happens according to random algorithms, so we can not really help with that. However, there are some benefits for those who want to know more about Draff and his story. If you study the area well, you can find out additional facts about this mysterious person. Remember Dion? He turned out to be her father!

So, you actually found Draff and maybe spent some extra time doing that. But is it worth talking to him?

Is It Worth Talking To Draff?

You definitely should talk to him if you want to get more elements of the crystalline core, which is important for further progression. Sometimes you can buy the crystalline core and then sell it or use it for the craft. That is up to you. Everything is as convenient as possible and made personally for interested gamers.

To sum up, after reading this guide, you should know everything about the Draff location in Genshin Impact. Now you know some tips on how to find Draff in Genshin Impact, and all you need is a little passion! Good luck with that!

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How to find Draff in Genshin Impact – Draff Location Guide


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