How to Find and Use the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite

fortnite sensor backpack resistance quest

The final stages of the Fortnite week 8 Resistance Quests is in 2 parts that need to be completed together. This means if you get killed before completing the 2nd part, you will have to start again. Visit either Synapse Station or Seven Outpost I to establish the device uplink and receive orders from The Origin. Find out more below.

How to Find and Use the Sensor Backpack

The Origin is not best pleased with you for helping The Imagined contact The Paradigm. He asks you to complete a task to find out if what The Imagined has been saying is correct. To do this, you will have to find a Sensor Backpack and discover if The Paradigm is right about the strange energy fluctuations.

The Sensor Backpack can be found in either of two spots: south of Tilted Towers or near the crossroads east of Tilted Towers.

fortnite_screenshots_week8_quests map
Find the Sensor Backpacks here (via Epic Games)

Equip the Sensor Backpack and quickly make your way to Loot Lake. Try to get there without getting killed, as this will cause you to drop the back pack and you will have to start again. When equipped, the Sensor Backpack will begin to beep.

Equip the Sensor Backpack (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

As you approach Loot Lake, the Sensor Backpack the beeps become faster until you reach a spot with golden energy fluctuations:

Use the Sensor Backpack to check out the energy fluctuations (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Interact with the swirling energy to take readings and finish the quest, gaining 23K of XP. That concludes week 8 of the Resistance Quests, and pushes the exciting Fortnite story onwards!

Good luck.

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How to Find and Use the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite


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