New Pokémon Snap

In your quest to solve the mystery of the Pokémon in the Lental region in New Pokémon Snap, you will come across all sorts of creatures that you will have to snap to provide Professor Mirror the help he needs for his research. As you search for Pokémon in the game’s many different courses, you will come across some Vivillon that have different Wing Patterns. Snapping them is not exactly essential, but if you are a true completionist, you will have to.

Here’s how to find all of the Vivillon Wing Patterns in the Voluca courses.

How To Find All Vivillon Wing Patterns In New Pokémon Snap Voluca

Continental Pattern

The Continental Pattern Vivillon is found in the Ruins course, but only after reaching Research Level 3. The Pokémon appears after lighting all crystablooms inside the course, just look behind you as you lit the final one and you should spot a few of the Vivillon flying toward you.

High Plains Pattern

The High Plains Pattern Vivillon is found in the Volcano course after reaching Research Level 3 for the area. In the final area with the Typhlosion, give them some Fluffruit to make them move out of the way, and keep watch on the entrance of the ruins to see a Vivillon appear.

Sandstorm Pattern

The Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon is very easy to spot in the Sands (Day) course. Just play through the course normally until you reach the final area of the main route, and a few Vivillon will appear flying around the area.

Savanna Pattern

The Savanna Pattern Vivillon can be found in the Sands (Night) course after reaching Research Level 2. Reach the oasis area, and make the Lycanroc move out of the way by using Fluffruit. Once they leave, you will spot a crystabloom that must be lit up to make the Savanna Pattern Vivillon appear.

Sun Pattern

The Sun Pattern Vivillon is found in the Sands (Night) course after reaching Research Level 2. To take a photo of it, follow the same procedure to make the Savanna Pattern Vivillon appear, as the Sun and Savanna Pattern Pokémon appear at the same time.

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