How To Find All Vivillon Wing Patterns In Maricopia In New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap doesn’t feature all of the Pokémon that have been introduced in the series so far, but it does feature quite a few of them. Despite the number not being as high as some hoped, there’s still plenty of snapping to do in the game, as simply taking a picture of any given Pokémon is not going to be enough to complete the Photodex. Additionally, there is one specific Pokémon, Vivillon, that comes in different variants, so if you truly want to experience everything the game features, you will have to snap pictures of all the Vivillon Wing Patterns.

Here’s where to find the different Vivillon Wing Patterns in the Maricopia courses in New Pokémon Snap-

How To Find All Vivillon Wing Patterns In Maricopia In New Pokémon Snap

Marine Pattern

The Marine Pattern Vivillon can be found in either the Beach (Day) and Beach (Night) courses. In the day course, you can spot a bunch of Vivillon right after you get out of the tunnel, shortly before the point where the course branches from the regular path to the alternate one.

In the night course, you will be able to spot a few Vivillon flying around to the right of you just as the course starts. Some more can be found nearby the tunnel at the end of the first area. With so many changes to snap pictures, missing the Marine Pattern Vivillon is rather difficult.

Ocean Pattern

The Ocean Pattern Vivillon can be found in the Reef (Evening) course, but only once you have reached Research Level 2 in the area. The Pokémon can be spotted in the final area of the course, only that they are flying in the distance, making it difficult to take a good shot of them. To take a better picture of the Ocean Pattern Vivillon, you need to use the Crystabloom close to the whirlpool in the course: light it up and you will see an Ocean Pattern Vivillon appear close enough to take a good shot of it.

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How To Find All Vivillon Wing Patterns In Maricopia In New Pokémon Snap


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