Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

Collecting all Umbral Bees in Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is extremely important to make the game a little easier and less frustrating, as you can use them to unlock a variety of different abilities that make quite a difference.

If you’re looking to unlock every ability included in the Umbral Tree, you will need to collect all of the Umbral Bees in the game. Here’s how to find all those located in the Crystalline City.

How To Find All Umbral Bees In The Crystalline City In Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

There are 10 Umbral Bees to find in the Crystalline City. The first one is located right at the start of the stage: jump on the first three platforms you see, the Umbral Bee is located on the third.

The second Umbral Bee is found after making some progress in the stage, in the first ice wall area. You should see a chunkier ice platform in the area: jump on it and you should see the Umbral Bee appear to your right.

The third Umbral Bee is located right after the first Rebirth Banner. Drop down from the area, reach the stone staircase and wait at the bottom to make the Umbral Bee appear.

The fourth Umbral Bee is right after the second Rebirth Banner. Climb up while keeping close to the left wall, and you should spot the Umbral Bee as you’re climbing up.

The fifth Umbral Bee is very close to the fourth. Just keep on going to the right after catching it, get to the cracking wall and climb to the top platform.

The sixth Umbral Bee is in the prison area. Climb to the second level and try to reach the third: you should spot the Umbral Bee with ease.

The seventh Umbral Bee is in the second prison area, located after the third Rebirth Banner. The Bee spawns in an area you have to pass through to progress so it is impossible to miss.

The eight Umbral Bee is in the second prison area as well. Proceed until you reach the right side wall, climb until the penultimate floor and wait for the Bee to appear on the top floow.

The ninth Umbral Bee is right past the fourth Rebirth Banner. Continue climbing the floating stairs area until you can see the top, stable platform, wait for the Bee to spawn, and then jump on the platform to catch it.

The tenth and final Umbral Bee is right before the boss fight, on the three platforms preceding the boss fight area. Get to the right of the lowest platform to make the Umbral Bee appear on the second.

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