How to Find All Friends in Lil Gator Game

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Lil Gator Game is an adorable relaxed gamed of exploring, making friends, and battling little monsters. As players explore this open world cozy game, there are lots of friends to meet, all of whom need some help. Gain rewards by helping complete quests and find items. Check out the guide below on how to find all friends in Lil Gator Game.

Every Friend Location in Lil Gator Game

There are 57 friends to find in Lil Gator Game, each with quests to complete and fun to have! Once you have found the friend and helped them, they will be found at the Playground! The main game quest only requires 35 friends to be found and helped, but many gamers will want to have the satisfaction of finding them all. Find their locations below:

Lil Gator Game

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Jill (Pt 1)Small Island: at the picnic area with monsters nearby.
Martin (Pt 1)Small Island: in a lounge chair on top of a hill.
Avery (Pt 1)Small Island: in the mountains, up some ladders, next to a wooden FOOD sign.
Bracelet Man (Pt 1)Small Island: near some waterfalls at the mountains, after crossing the small pond and the tight rope.
SimonSmall Island: behind the Bracelet Man is a ledge, climb and go left.
GeraldSmall Island: down the hill from Martin and around the corner. Climb some cliffs to find him at the top.
FrannySmall Island: back at the start where Jill was (after completing her quest).
EstherGreat Oak: on the main shore when you get to the Main Island.
GunterGreat Oak: climb two trees against the cliffs near the shore. Go left and find Gunter.
PenelopeGreat Oak: atop the cliff facing the waterfall.
Sorin & Beeretney & RoeGreat Oak: all together on the long cliff past Penelope and past the monsters.
Jill (Pt 2)Great Oak: at the base of the Great Oak tree.
SusanneGreat Oak: at the base of the Great Oak tree.
GeneGreat Oak: first level of the Great Oak tree house.
AntoneGreat Oak: between two roots of the Great Oak tree.
Billy the WhaleGreat Oak: in the water down the cliffside.
EvaGreat Oak: on a ledge with a camera, on the same hill where Gene’s quest is.
Bracelet Man (Pt 2)Great Oak: the very top of the Great Oak tree.
Pot KidGreat Oak: past the monsters by the stream, near the Great Oak tree house.
PepperoniGreat Oak: on a cliff looking over the tightropes, after going past Pot Kid.
CarolGreat Oak: on the main path going to Great Oak tree, near the playground.
TiffanyGreat Oak: found with pink monsters at a tea table past the small hall.
TrishGreat Oak: past the Great Oak and a stream, standing under a ledge.
OscarGreat Oak: after Trish, follow along the water to a shored-up boat.
RomeoGreat Oak: at a large lake across from Oscar, standing at a camp.
SierraGreat Oak: at the camp with Romeo.
RoySplash Pad: follow the signs that say “Junk 4 Sale”, down the hill from the Playground.
LeelandSplash Pad: travel from the Great Oak locations, along a bluff to the monster horde.
Marlow & CadeSplash Pad: on piers overlooking water.
SamSplash Pad: near Marlow and Cade, on a small ledge.
Skate PugSplash Pad: across from Sam, Marlow, and Cade on a mini island.
ViragSplash Pad: in the same bay as Sam etc, go around the shoreline to the waterfall.
Mr DoddlerSplash Pad: up the hill from the beach standing in front of his house.
JoeSplash Pad: running in front of Mr Doddler’s house.
TonySplash Pad: sitting by a table with a chess set between the coast and Mr Doddler’s house.
RobinSplash Pad: in a watery area surrounded by monsters down from the playground.
BeccaSplash Pad: above the waterfall standing on the water’s edge.
Martin (Pt 2)Splash Pad: at the Splash Pad with friends.
DukeSplash Pad: follow the pipes toward the waterfall.
LucasSplash Pad: follow the pipes toward the beach from the Splash Pad, crossing tightropes. Find him standing next to a pump.
JadaSplash Pad: follow the pipes down the cliff past the Junk 4 Sale signs, all the way to the bottom.
Bracelet Man (Pt 3)Splash Pad: On top of the windmill behind the Splash Pad.
MadeleineAmphitheater: On the main path before you get to the Amphitheater ascent.
ZhuAmphitheater: along the path, sitting on the waterfront.
KasenAmphitheater: into the cave system, follow the path up the mountain. He can be found along the walkway.
SsumanthaAmphitheater: follow the water out of the the green grove toward the ocean and jump over the waterfall. She is on the right on a rock.
MochiAmphitheater: climb the cliffs to find Mochi on the edge.
NeilAmphitheater: up the road from Zhu, he is in the grove along the ascent.
TannerAmphitheater: standing between 2 rock formations behind some pots
TwigAmphitheater: running around in a grove on the way to the Amphitheater.
ScooterAmphitheater: standing on a ledge, along the mountain path, to the left of the sign of the blue island.
Avery (Pt 2)Amphitheater: at the Amphitheater.
EsmeAmphitheater: from the Amphitheater, jump from the ledge into a grove of candles. Follow them to a cave entrance. Esme is inside on a throne.
VelmaAmphitheater: go from the cave entrance hole along the mountain road in to a cactus patch.
AndromedaAmphitheater: down the main road on the edge of the mountain.
LuisaAmphitheater: left of where Velma was, crouched behind a cactus.
Bracelet Man (Pt 4)Amphitheater: atop the mountain above the Amphitheater.
DarcieAmphitheater: hanging from some balloons at the end of a slope.
FlintAmphitheater: go along the coastline from Darcie to a small grassy ledge.

Those are all the locations of the friends in Lil Gator Game! Next up, find out how to get all the weapons in Lil Gator Game! Good luck.

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How to Find All Friends in Lil Gator Game


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