How to Get All Weapons in Lil Gator Game

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There is a weapon for every type of player in Lil Gator Game! This cozy adventure game from MegaWobble has players exploring, collecting items, and helping their friends but there are also battles to fight along the way. For these battles you will need the perfect weapon. Find out below how to get all weapons in Lil Gator Game.

Every Weapon and How to Find Them in Lil Gator Game

There are 12 weapons in Lil Gator Game, and each one can be found in a different place. Weapons can be obtained by two different methods: gifted on completion of a quest, or crafted after receiving the recipe for a weapon when completing a quest. Check out the list below to find your perfect weapon and help your friends!

WeaponLocation and How to GetCost
StickIn a circular pit. Jill will point to it.N/A
Wooden SwordSame place where you find the stick. Chat to Franny after Jill’s quest.N/A
Bug NetChat to Antone.N/A
Palaeolithic ToolComplete the quest from Susanne. Go past Billy the Whale, behind a boulder. Get the rock and and whack it until it becomes a tool.N/A
Princess WandFight the non-pink monsters near Tiffany. Chat to Carol while she is on the phone. 300
PaintbrushFight monsters when journeying to see Leeland. Chat to Leeland and select the 80 Scraps option. He will give you a recipe for a Paintbrush.400
Cardboard SpearGive Luisa some comfort.300
Oversized PencilHelp Sam with his pencil- pick it up for him 3 times. 300
Laser SwordFight the monsters, and the reinforcements. Shoot the mothership. 300
WrenchPurchase it from Roy at Junk 4 Sale.299 – Junk 4 Sale
NunchakuDestroy 5 black monsters within a time limit.N/A
Grabby HandPurchase it from Roy’s Junk 4 Sale.299 – Junk 4 Sale

Selecting and crafting weapons could not be easier. Simply press – on Nintendo Switch (or TAB on PC if playing on Steam) to open the crafting and items menu. Here you will see all weapons you have, and recipes. You can also see all other items such as hats and shields.

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Lil Gator Game

Select any weapon you want to use- but be careful about selecting uncrafted weapons by accident. If you select an uncrafted weapon it will craft it and spend your scraps. Once you have your weapon, though, it will be yours to use as you wish.

That is all for the weapons in Lil Gator Game. Next up, why not check out how to gain every shield in Lil Gator Game? Good luck!

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How to Get All Weapons in Lil Gator Game


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