BitLife is one of the best life simulators for mobile phones. There are plenty of achievements in this game and a lot of them will demand from you something really specific. Find a Unicorn is one of the most complicated achievements in the game. But who expected that finding a magic animal would be a simple task? This guide will tell you how to find a unicorn in BitLife.

Finding a Unicorn in BitLife

There is only bad news for those who expected some significant advice on how to find a unicorn in BitLife. To do it, you just need to age up and wait until you meet it. The encounter may appear randomly during your aging.

When you age up, you have a chance to meet some animals. It happens each time you grow up. So the only thing that you will need to find a unicorn in BitLife is luck. Fortunately, you may have many such encounters during your life, so there may be a few chances to meet a unicorn. You can increase your chances by setting your aging in half of the year. That will increase the number of encounters along with the possibility to meet a unicorn.

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What to Do with Unicorn in BitLife

Unicorns in BitLife are rare animals. When you will encounter one four possible actions will be available to you. There will be options like run for my life, retreat slowly, take it to the shelter, and keep it as a pet. Unicorns are very peaceful and loyal animals so probably you would like to keep it as a pet. Also, unicorns live very long lives. There is information that they can live more than 200 years. So you will have this pet for generations. Good luck in meeting this animal.

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