How to Find a Lightning Storm in Fortnite? – Answered

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The only lightning storm you want to walk into.

Dynamic, real-time weather conditions have made their first appearance in Fortnite, and fans couldn’t be happier. Lightning storms and tornadoes are appearing all over the Fortnite map, and the best part is, you don’t need to run for your life.

That’s right—Fortnite’s weather effects are something that players need to be actively keeping an eye out for, especially the lightning storms, as they can benefit you in numerous ways. If you want to learn how to find a lightning storm in Fortnite, then this is the right guide for you!

How to Find a Lightning Storm in Fortnite

You need to have a keen eye and be attentive enough to spot the signs of a lightning storm approaching your path. When you see dark clouds beginning to gather overhead, it is usually a big indicator of lightning storms coming your way.

Your main goal of finding a lightning storm should be to get struck by lightning because this is what will offer you a nifty boost.

In order to get struck by lightning, you need to head to the highest point, or the nearest body of water, either of which should be below the forming lightning storm. This maximizes your chances of being struck by lightning.

Once you get struck by lightning, you will take minimal damage while getting a useful speed boost. However, you should keep in mind that lightning will not strike you back-to-back, as there is a small cooldown before you can be struck by lightning another time.

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How to Find a Lightning Storm in Fortnite? – Answered


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