How to Farm Tokens in Rec Room

How to Farm Tokens in Rec Room

Rec Room is a fun platform for playing and creating a variety of games. You create your character and you can play games created by other players, and of course, you can play with your friends. You can earn Tokens in the game and in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

How to Farm Tokens

Rec Room tokens are needed to buy cool new clothes for your avatar. Unfortunately, in the last updates, the developers made it much more difficult to obtain Tokens.

The first and most obvious way is to pay real money. Buying Tokens for real money is the fastest farming method. The developers with the latest updates are just hinting that more players will start paying funds. However, not many will want to spend money on the game. There is also an opportunity to receive Tokens for inviting a friend to the game.

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You can also get a paid program called Rec Room Plus. It will be cheaper than buying Tokens separately. You will receive 1500 Tokens per week, and this turns out to be 6,000 per month. But you will have to log into the game at least once a week to claim a reward.

For free, you can farm Tokens by playing Rec Room Originals. Every day, for your first victory, you will receive a box with three random rewards to choose from. And one of those rewards could be Tokens. Unfortunately, after that, during the day, the boxes will be given to you randomly for winning subsequent Rec Room Originals games.

So it is very difficult to collect a lot of tokens without donating to the game.

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How to Farm Tokens in Rec Room



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