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How to Add Friends in Rec Room

How to Add Friends in Rec Room
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Rec Room is a fun game where you create a character with a unique appearance and then play games in different worlds that other players have created. Moreover, you can create different games yourself and play them with your friends. In this guide, we will tell you how to add friends.

How to Add Friends

Any game is fun to play with friends, and Rec Room is no exception. The game has several ways to add friends.

To add a friend, first, open your watch menu and click on the People icon. Now in the upper right corner click on the search button. Then enter your friend’s name and click Search. You will see a list of all players with that name. Having found your friend, you can click both on the green button and on the friend’s icon to add him. You can also go to the person’s profile and click the blue Friend button. After that, a friend of request will come to the person and he will only have to accept it.

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There is also an easier way through Friend Code. Also, open the watch menu, and at the very top press the lilac Code button. Then click Friend and Create. You will see the unique code that you can transfer to your friend. He, in turn, will enter the code in his account and you will become friends in the game.

And the last way is to use the friend’s list of the platform you are playing on, for example, PlayStation. Import your friend’s list into the Rec Room to make it easier for you to find them.

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How to Add Friends in Rec Room


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