How to Farm Striped Hide Fast in Monster Hunter Rise


In Monster Hunter Rise, hunting monsters and collecting items go hand in hand, as you will only be able to get most of them by taking down monsters, and the weapons you can craft using them will allow you to take on even more powerful monsters. It’s a simple gameplay loop, but one that works incredibly well.

While many of the items needed for crafting can be obtained by carving big monsters, a few of them can only be obtained by carving small ones. That is the case of the Striped Hide, which is used to carve a specific armor set and upgrade a few weapons. Here’s how to get farm this item fast.

How to Farm Striped Hide Fast in Monster Hunter Rise

Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise can only be obtained by carving Remobras, the flying small monsters that can be seen in all of the available maps.

Remobras have a high chance of appearing on the Frost Islands in zone 7 and 10, and in the Lava Caverns in zones 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 12. To increase chances of Remobras appearing in the Lava Caverns, make sure to visit them during a Remobra Upsurge in Expedition Tour. To learn if an upsurge is happening, check the second page of the quest info menu. Upsurge status changes every quest, so complete them until a Remombra Upsurge is taking place in the Lava Caverns to farm Striped Hide effectively and efficiently.

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How to Farm Striped Hide Fast in Monster Hunter Rise


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