How to Farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe

One of the most in-demand resources in Warframe is Polymer Bundles. Without them, it is impossible to create Corpus weapons. Besides, they are necessary for crafting most Warframes. And also polymers are needed for all sorts of useful items, such as catalysts, energy reducers, and much more. Therefore, novice players should find how to farm polymers bundles in Warframe.

How to Get Polymer Bundles in Warframe

There are several methods for obtaining Polymers in Warframe. First of all, this resource is sold in the play store. To get 300 polymer bundles, you will have to pay 30 units of platinum. And this is a very expensive method of production, given that one weapon will need at least 100 pieces.

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A less costly method of getting a resource is to install an extractor on Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. Then you will receive up to 1 thousand units of the resource every day, without spending real money. But this amount is unlikely to be enough for all needs. Therefore, you have to wander around the locations.

Also, on any task of the game, you can find a destructible object – a polymer bundle case. If you break it, you will receive from 100 to 350 units of the resource. And there are a lot of such objects in the locations. 

How to Farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe

You can find this valuable resource in huge amounts on the missions of the Uranus, Mercury, and Venus planets. Here you can find it in any container or box, and it also drops out from defeated enemies. But it is better to go on missions on these planets. For 20 waves of defense or 30 minutes of survival, you will draw 15-20 thousand units of polymer bundles. And this amount will be enough for a long time. But in order for the missions to be successfully completed and bring as many resources as possible, it is important to have the right team for farming polymers in Warframe.

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