How to Farm Money Guide in Octopath Traveler


In Octopath Traveler, you can play the story of eight heroes living in different parts of the magical kingdom. However, all of them have the same goal—leaving the town to achieve their dreams. But before setting off into a large and dangerous world, each of them will have to deal with local problems and defeat a serious boss. And to do it, you need to update your character, which costs money. Of course, you can earn money just by playing as much as possible, but there are some more effective ways of transforming your time into money. So, let’s start.

How to Earn Money in Octopath Traveler

  1. Discovering new areas. When you are playing with Tressa, this character gives you coins when you are moving from area to area. Here are some effective ways to do it:
  • Equip your character and go to Undertow Cave, west of Rippletide with Tressa. You should equip all skills to avoid combat and make your earnings easier.
  • Then move into Undertow Cave and touch multiple zones. The more zones you enter, the more money you will farm.

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With the best route, you can earn nearly 2000 coins per run. One run without fighting and mistakes takes nearly 15 seconds. 

  1. Farming Caits. Caits in enemies spawn every 5 random battles. To kill them immediately, you have to use medium Soulstone, which can kill them in one hit. And if you want to farm in such a way, you have to go to Northern Wellspring Sands in the Sunlands, as it’s the best area that allows you to meet caits in every fight.

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How to Farm Money Guide in Octopath Traveler


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