How to Farm Gold in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds – Guide and Tips


Gold is the F2P currency in the game called NI No Kuni Cross Worlds. To be successful in the game, your gold income must be stable. It is not a secret that gold can be farmed in various ways. Some players do not know them all. Thus, they lose the opportunities to cultivate it! There is no need to break the bank. You just need to keep reading our guide to get all the required information and use possible ways to achieve the desired result. All the data is below!

Farming Gold in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds – Guide and Tips

Let us, please, cover the ways how you can get gold in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds.

The first option is to get it through Monster Drops. Fight the monsters that spawn on the map. As soon as you get them, be sure to choose them and sell them for a variable price.

The second option is Active Drop Rate Buff. It will make your chances of a valuable drop higher.

The third way is Challenges. They can provide you with a considerable amount of gold (boss challenges in particular). Just defeat the bosses and get gold with the rare drops!

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The next opportunity is Daily activities and quests. Besides gold, they will bring you eggs, item drops, and diamonds. The higher the quest level, the more perks you will get!

And the last but not least is Achievements. Once you complete them, you will be paid a lot. Check the achievements tab to follow up on what can be done to get even more gold!

Hopefully, with our guide, you now know how to farm gold in the game. If you have additional tips for us, make sure to share them in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to keep playing and have fun!

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How to Farm Gold in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds – Guide and Tips


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