How to Farm Gems Fast in Hungry Shark World

How to Farm Gems Fast in Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is an addicting killer shark simulator. You have to control the shark and eat everything in your path, but be careful because there will always be a bigger fish. As you play, you will earn several currencies, Coins, and Gems. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get a lot of Gems.

How to Farm Gems Fast

Gems are the premium currency in the game. That is, they are earned slowly, and more valuable than Coins. For Gems, you can buy new sharks, new items, equipment, and maps. In addition, you can resurrect your shark using Gems.

Although this is a premium currency, in addition to buying Gems for real money, Hungry Shark World provides many opportunities for the player to earn them for free. But, of course, buying is the fastest way.

You can watch small ads to get one Gem per ad. Not much, but enough to resurrect a shark.

Airplanes can fly over the surface of the water in certain places. For eating them, you will also receive Gems. The same goes for Paragliders, but they are difficult to catch.

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When you acquire some strong sharks, such as Big Daddy or Megalodon, you will be able to destroy Small Fishing Boats. In addition, for eating Harpoon Men, you will also receive Gem.

By exploring the depths of the ocean, you can find Gemfish, which you must eat in order to get Gems. Also keep an eye on Shark Finner Boats, Exotic Birds, King Of Summer, and Shark Men.

Never forget the Daily Bonus. In general, in 7 days you can get a total of 30 Gems.

You can also like the game page on Facebook and get 5 Gems.

From large crabs, you can get up to 5 Gems.

If you do not enter the game for a while, you will receive a notification that your shark is hungry, when you feed it, you can take Gems as a reward.

By combining all these methods, you can collect Gems quickly enough.

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How to Farm Gems Fast in Hungry Shark World


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