How to Farm Crowns in Clash Royale

How to Farm Crowns in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale players fight with each other in online duels to earn trophies and Crowns. This guide will tell you how to Farm Crowns.

How to Farm Crowns

Let’s start by building the deck. For a Mega Deck, you need three times as many cards, which means more opportunities for synergy. But at the same time, the deck must be powerful.

The base of your deck should be Freeze or Rage. Also, select the attacking spells that suit you. Zap, Fireball, Lightning, Snowball, Log, Poison, Arrows, and Rocket are ideal for this. Finally fill your deck with character cards such as Giant, Balloon, and Lavahound, or you can enable Lumberjack. You can also add support units such as Wizards.

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Once you’ve put together the perfect deck, you need to learn how to use 100% of its potential.

At the beginning of the battle, do not start acting immediately, watch the enemy, wait until he commits 3 elixirs or more. Then use the entire elixir bar on the tanks behind the opposite side. The moment the tanks reach the bridge, you must place your troops, this is the optimal time. And prepare your Freeze or Rage card. In the end, use Freeze when the enemy begins to defend himself.

And if you did everything right, the Crown is in your hands. Now you can safely lose, your opponent will get an easy win and everyone will benefit. By repeating this trick, you can farm crowns very quickly.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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How to Farm Crowns in Clash Royale


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