How to Farm Chunks of Iron in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is unlike any other Pokemon game released so far. Doing away with the classic progression system and combat mechanics seen in the main entries in the series, Pokemon Legends Arceus plays a lot like those big open-world games where players are free to go wherever they wish and experience a luscious world filled with all sorts of secrets.

Crafting is an essential part of the modern open-world experience, so it definitely needed to be included in Pokemon Legends Arceus. And where there’s crafting, there are also plenty of material items to collect, such as chunks of Iron. Here’s where to find them easily.

How to Farm Chunks of Iron in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Chunks of Iron, or Iron Chunks, in Pokemon Legends Arceus are among the material items that have no use, except to be used for crafting different Poké Balls like the Great Ball, the Gigaton Ball, and the Jet Ball.

There are many different ways to farm Iron Chunks in Pokemon Legends Arceus. The item is dropped by Lucario, Riolu, Bronzong, Nosepass, Glalie, and Bronzor when defeated or captured, can be purchased from Craftworks for 200 Pokédollarsor, and can be obtained by destroying Ores.

The best way to farm Iron Chunks, however, is to explore the Mountain Camp and Lonely Spring areas in the Coronet Highlands, as these locations feature a ton of Iron Chunks. Other areas where Iron Chunks can be found are Obsidian Fieldlands, Cobal Coastlands, Alabaster Icelands, and Crimson Mirelands.

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If you like to explore around in Pokemon Legends Arceus, it is likely you will not have much need to farm Iron Chunks, as you will always have plenty of them at hand. If do not, however, following the tips outlined above will allow you to get quite a few of them in a relatively short amount of time.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the latest entry in the Pokemon series. The game is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch globally.

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How to Farm Chunks of Iron in Pokemon Legends Arceus


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