How to Farm Baruuk Prime in Warframe – All Baruuk Prime Relics


Warframe is one of the best free-to-play looter shooters in the modern game industry and it allows you to play many various characters called Warframes. These heroes are able to use different skills and today we are going to talk about Baruuk. This Warframe has just received the Prime version and you may want to know how to get it. So, this guide will tell you about all Baruuk Prime relics and how to farm this Warframe.

How to Farm Baruuk Prime in Warframe

Baruuk Prime is the newest Prime Warframe and there are many players who would like to get it. In order to obtain this character, you will need to collect blueprints of its pieces. After that, you will have to use these blueprints to craft Baruuk Prime.

Baruuk Prime blueprints can be obtained from certain Void Relics and you may want to know all of them. Here is the list of Baruuk Prime relics in Warframe:

  • Neo A8 – Baruuk Prime Chassis Blueprint – Uncommon
  • Lith B10 – Baruuk Prime Blueprint – Rare
  • Meso R5 – Baruuk Prime Systems Blueprint – Common
  • Axi B5 – Baruuk Prime Neuroptics Blueprint – Rare

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Who Is Baruuk Prime in Warframe?

Baruuk Prime is one of the numerous characters that you can play in Warframe. It is able to use various skills and you can upgrade them with special mods. One of the most effective upgrades for your Baruuk’s abilities is the Augment Mod called Reactive Storm. It is considered to be among the best Augment Mods in this game. Also, you could read our article about the top 10 Augment Mods in Warframe.

Warframe is a big game and we will be glad if this guide helps you to learn something new about it. Good luck with your further adventures and battles!

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How to Farm Baruuk Prime in Warframe – All Baruuk Prime Relics


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