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How to Farm and Use Dragon Tears in Valheim

How to Farm and Use Dragon Tears in Valheim

Valheim is a survival-action game with crafting mechanics similar to Minecraft and Terraria. Players can obtain a plethora of unique items by exploring the dangerous world of Valheim. Some items are helpful in building structures, while others are needed to craft tools, weapons, etc. Dragon tears are a highly sought-after item in Valheim. Let’s find out how to get dragon tears in this quick guide.

Valheim: Dragon Tears Guide

Valheim Dragon Tears
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In Valheim, many items can be obtained by defeating monsters and bosses. If you are looking for dragon tears, you must prepare to battle the frost dragon, Moder. Dragon tear is a loot item dropped after defeating Moder, the fourth boss creature in Valheim. Upon defeating Moder, players will receive a total of 10 dragon tears.

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As of now, defeating the Moder is the only way to obtain dragon tears in Valheim. Other than the Moder, no other creature drops dragon tears. If you don’t have any idea about how to summon the Moder, follow these steps:

Moder Location in Valheim

1) Go to the Mountains

Moder is a frost dragon belonging to the chilling Mountain biome. Players will have to go to mountain biomes to get their hands on dragon tears.

2) Collect 3 dragon eggs

While exploring mountains, players might have encountered dragon eggs found in dragon nests. Players need at least three dragon eggs to summon the Moder.

3) Use Vegvisir runestone

While in a mountain biome, use a Vegvisir runestone to uncover Moder’s Forsaken altar.

4) Summon Moder

Place all three dragon eggs inside the Moder’s Forsaken altar to summon Moder. Players can repeat these steps to spawn Moder multiple times and farm them to get as many dragon tears as needed.

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How to use Dragon Tears

After obtaining dragon tears, players can craft artisan tables using 2 dragon tears and 10 basic wood. This new crafting station unlocks the recipe for windmills, blast furnaces, spinning wheels, and stone ovens. If you want to craft any of these structures, you must get dragon tales in Valheim.

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How to Farm and Use Dragon Tears in Valheim


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