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How to Expand Train in Voidtrain

How to Expand Train in Voidtrain
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It’s dangerous to go alone through the Void. Take this trolley and expand it into a full-blown train—if you know how. Exploring the Void in a single-wagon train is not very impressive, and you will need more space for all the items you’re bringing aboard.

However, if you’re just starting this game (which just got into the early access phase), making your train larger might not be such a straightforward process. After all, you’re supposed to build your vehicle pretty much from scratch. If the process is confusing you, we’re here to help—in this guide, we show you how to expand your train in Voidtrain in no time.

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How to Expand Your Train in Voidtrain

Voidtrain blueprints
Image by HypeTrain Digital

Expanding your train in Voidtrain simply means adding more wagons to it. However, if you don’t see the option to expand your train right away, don’t panic. You cannot make your train bigger before you progress far enough in the main story and obtain a plot item. This won’t happen before you pass through at least four gates.

After you get the item, you will need to wait until you reach a Depot where you need to use the Building Console to lengthen your train. However, be careful because depots contain enemies that you will have to clear out first.

Besides getting to a Building Console, you will also need enough resources to build another wagon:

  • Ingot x4
  • Spring x2
  • Bolt x2
  • Bearing x2

We recommend getting to the depot with enough wood in your possession because you will need it to build a floor for your new wagon.

When you have all the materials, approach the Building Console and click on the cross icon to add another wagon. You should also know that the number of wagons you can add is limited and determined by the type of engine you have. The basic version of your train supports up to six platforms. When you upgrade to a steam engine, you will be able to have eight platforms in total. Once you reach the diesel engine upgrade, you will be able to have 12 platforms in total.

Considering that the game is still in early access, we expect that Voidtrain will feature more engine types and upgrades and allow you to expand your train even more.

If you need more assistance with this game, check out our other guides in the dedicated Voidtrain section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Expand Train in Voidtrain