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How to Evolve and Remaster in Cassette Beasts

How to Evolve and Remaster in Cassette Beasts
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Many fans of the original Pokémon games have fallen in love with Cassette Beasts, an open-world indie game where you can capture weird monsters into cassette tapes. But that’s just the beginning – using these tapes, you can transform into monsters and battle against other trainers in turn-based combat. And just like in Pokémon, there’s an evolution system that allows your monsters to gain new forms and become even more powerful. Cassette Beasts’ evolution system might be confusing to some players, and this guide is here to help them out.

Cassette Beasts Evolution and Remaster Guide

While Cassette Beasts may share some similarities with classic Pokémon games, it also features unique gameplay mechanics that set it apart. One major difference is its evolution system – unlike in Pokémon, beasts in Cassette Beasts won’t evolve automatically after reaching a certain level. Cassette Beasts only features a level system for trainers, not monsters. Instead of levels, monsters in Cassette Beasts can reach up to 5 stars, which act as their level equivalent.

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Players can obtain new stars on their cassette tapes by battling other monsters and completing quests. In the top right corner of the cassette tape, you can see the number of stars, and just below that, you will find the experience bar. After getting 5 stars on a cassette tape, you will be able to remaster the tape and upgrade the monster to a new form. Once you have a 5-star cassette tape, go and rest at a campfire or café table. While resting, you will get the option to remaster the 5-star cassette tape.

Some monsters have different evolution options, while a few others require specific conditions for evolution. However, players should know that not all monsters are capable of evolution in Cassette Beasts. We suggest checking out the Cassette Beasts wiki to find the complete list of all species and see their remastered forms.

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The evolution system in Cassette Beasts is pretty simple, yet it still requires some effort to master. All you have to do is reach 5 stars on your cassette monsters and then visit a campfire/café table to remaster it. While completing quests, you can also obtain rare upside-down grapes that can increase one of your beasts’ stars by one instantly.

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How to Evolve and Remaster in Cassette Beasts