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How to Enter Ancient Wonder in Age of Wonders 4

How to Enter Ancient Wonder in Age of Wonders 4
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Ancient Wonders are naturally occurring structures that are scattered throughout the Realm. Who knows what lies within? Only the bravest adventurers dare delve into these Wonders, and if they manage to survive, they usually come out much richer. Wondering how to get into these Ancient Wonders for yourself? Here is how to enter Ancient Wonder in Age of Wonders 4.

Exploring Ancient Wonders in Age of Wonders 4

Ancient Wonders can be found all over the Realm. As you send your Scout units to explore the lands, there is a very good chance they will stumble upon an Ancient Wonder naturally.

Ancients Wonders are sort of like mini-dungeons, as they contain adventures that typically require you to make a choice that may cause a fight to break out. As such, make sure to prep your units and be ready for a fight.

To explore an Ancient Wonder, first you need to create an Army that is led by your Hero. Only Armies led by a Hero are permitted to enter Ancient Wonders, as it is far too dangerous for normal Armies. It is best to fill up your Army with six units as well for the highest chance of survival.

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Move your Hero unit onto the Ancient Wonder, then click on the Ancient Wonder itself. An info box pops up at the bottom of the screen, along with a button that lets you enter the Ancient Wonder.

Did you happen to notice the little icon to the left of the Ancient Wonder’s name? The icon is a general indicator of how rare and difficult the Ancient Wonder is, with Bronze being the least difficult, and gold the most difficult. Gold Ancient Wonders have epic loot within them, but beware of powerful foes!

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The adventures found within Ancient Wonders are different between Realms, so resolve them the best to your ability. If you manage to make it through without having to fight, great! But if you have to fight, it is best to take manual control over the battle, unless you overpower the enemy by a large margin.

Once you liberate the Ancient Wonder, it becomes available for annexation by one of your cities. Once annexed, an Ancient Wonder counts a Research Post and grants Imperium and Knowledge, in addition to its own unique bonuses. Look at the info panel to see what bonuses the Ancient Wonder gives.

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How to Enter Ancient Wonder in Age of Wonders 4