How to Engrave in AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a beautiful RPG where a player hires a team of 4 heroes and goes through battles and trials. Use the unique and powerful abilities of each hero to create an invincible force and save the world. This guide will tell you about the Engraving feature that will help you power up your heroes.

AFK Arena Engraving Guide

The Engraving feature, also called Eternal Engravings, was introduced in patch 1.68. The player gets access to this feature only after reaching 22 chapters of the campaign. And this can only be used with Ascended 1 Star heroes of any faction.

The Eternal Engravings can be opened on the Engraving tab in the Hero Details menu. The Engraving for each character is unique. Eternal Engravings is different for each class and faction of heroes.

Eternal Engraving Monoliths are consisting of 3 primary symbols and 5 secondary symbols. Consumables for level up symbols and enhancing hero’s attributes are Elemental Shards and Elemental Cores.

These resources can be obtained as Campaign Rewards, for the King’s Tower Quests, purchase in the Store, and get them at Twisted Bounties and Misty Valley or using the Monthly Card and Deluxe Monthly Card.

A player must activate each symbol of the monolith in the right order. This order will not affect the improvement of already active glyphs.

All symbols are added together in an Engraving level. Leveling up Eternal Engraving unlocks abilities. In addition, increasing the hero’s ascension level allows you to unlock additional ability effects. To upgrade one hero to level 60 of Engraving, you will need to collect 3750 Elemental Shards and 4500 Elemental Cores.

You can also unlock the new abilities of your heroes when you reach the 80th level of the Eternal Engraving. These abilities will come in handy in the Hero Arena, Legends Challenger Tournament, Legends Championship, and PVP modes.

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